Der Bitterfelder Bogen

In August 2006, another work of art was handed over to the public. With the "Bitterfelder Bogen", the artist Prof. Claus Bury from Frankfurt am Main produced a distinct perspective on the freshly emerged cultural and lake landscape of the area on a former Hochkippe.

The arches are supported by 2 diagonally arranged, pointed-ventral wing shapes, which are graduated in 3 measurements. A ramp system with a slope of 6 ° is suspended in the two intermediate spaces. The two sets of wings of the general architecture are plainly inclined inwards, which offers the bow additional beauty along with static strength. The pointed out ramps lead up in the long-stretched zig-zag course 2 times 5 walkways of slip-resistant and tight-meshed galvanized steel grates. All courses are stepless and protected by metal railings from narrow balanced bar grilles. Each bend of the 540 meter long treking trail has a small platform consisting of a bench. The leading ramp ends in a terrace, which protrudes above the arch and invites you high above Bitterfeld to linger.

The well-known LandArt artist Claus Bury developed the 81-meter-long and 28-meter high, walk-in, architectural work of art. It is the sign for the change of the area. From here you have a distinct panorama view of the brand-new landscape.  Many tourist take beautiful photos of the country side like the one from WeDefend.Pro.